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- For Edberg-Chang, 1992 USO SF, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has Edberg leading 209-175 in overall points, for a total of 384. The Washington Post and SI have 404. The ATP has 436, but that drops down to 404 if the aces and doubles are subtracted once (with Edberg leading 209-195). So I'm inclined to think that 404 is the correct number; only the Star-Tribune disagrees.

I'm not surprised that anyone made a mistake given the record length of the match (5:26 at the ATP and in the press reports). The Post, SI, and the ATP agree that there were 23 service breaks. The LA Times has Chang converting 11 of 34 break points (same as the ATP) and facing 20 himself; the ATP has him facing 21.
ESPN showed some highlights so I got some of the CBS stats in the fifth set on break points and total points played.

CBS has got each player winning 178 points late in the match, so I counted forward and got 404 points in total, with Edberg leading 209-195.

And the break points agree completely with the ATP.
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