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Originally Posted by mrHan View Post
Let me know what racquet he has and I'll tell you what USRSA recommends to cut.


40 feet and if he screws up all of TWMAC gets one serve of butts up at him.. from the service line!

Any advice? Measure twice, cut once and be sure to roll it up nicely for him so it doesn't get tangled up.
LOL!!!!! I don't think he does his own stringing, but I want to give him a taste of BG since he broke his Gamma rough the last time we played.

Originally Posted by alice301 View Post has the required string measurements for all their models, so maybe check online for your friend's racquet's specs? ...of course, i am the original poster child for "How To F*** Up Your Racquet In 4 Easy Steps," so whatever. in fact, i left behind my cursed racquet on the court after playing last week. again.
Good idea. I think it's a Wilson though. I'll have to find out which one.

Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Striker. I would say do what Han said. 40 feet will just about everything but a big bubba. Alot of string packs now are 39 feet. so somewhere around there and yul be fine.
Thanks H-Dub.

40ft it is!
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