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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Well, I was thinking of playing a tournament this weekend, but after doing my bills...decided on a big, fat 'no'. (srsly, why so expensive?)

So, put me down for Saturday! Xisbum, you want a rematch? JRK, you want to finish our set?
In you are. Doubles I prefer, but crappy singles I can play. Suck my game does.

Saturday, 9 a.m., Kenmore Middle School, Confirmed:

Lady Topaz

Originally Posted by alice301 View Post
x, i'm sorry for myself that i can't play doubles with you & cindy & magma. but i have to play ladder matches at my club all week. i'm actually sitting on top of my club's singles ladder (i know, i know. take all the time you need to give you an idea of the level of "play": i had to explain to one of my opponents how 40-40 is often called "deuce" in tennis. really.). so i have to respond to challanges this week. because if i refuse, i have to forfeit my spot.
"Often" called deuce? You got some more 'splainin' to do, Lucy.

We'll miss you, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Take care of that ladder, and we'll catch ya next time around, podnah.
"You can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won't back down." - Tom Petty
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