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Originally Posted by Spinz View Post
Not all of the Azalea members are thrilled with e-tennis winning the bid. There's a ton of emails going around for both sides. I cant blame him for appealing since he was told he had the gig. At the same time, I can't blame e-tennis for appealing him. As I've said, my only interest is quality courts and being able to get a court when I want one.
Mikeler, I thought you posted that Frank had appealed and that was what I responded to. I don't have a link on it.

I can't speak for all the members, but I know a lot of the folks who went to the meetings..etc. One concern is that Frank's hours will not jive. A lot of people here (including myself) play later until 10pm and play on weekend evenings. Currently that is not an option at OTC.

Etennis is more involved in the Winter Park area and knows all the players since most of them are patrons of the store. That being said, I am a fan of Franks because he is cool and he strings my racquets for a good price.

Regardless those hardcourts MUST be repaired. I know Etennis committed to it, and Frank told me he would do the same. I also agree with all you guys. I want to show up and play. I don't want to see lessons filling all the courts..that is just the worst thing. Azalea's all end around 6 or 7, and OTC right now has plenty so it is not an issue. Hopefully this all changes. This Citrus tournament sounds pretty good. I may do it just to get a gauge for where I am at so far.
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