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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
That is impressive Power Player. When I first got back into tennis 6 years ago after Roddick won the US Open, I was probably a 4.0+. It took me 6 months or so to get my tennis fitness back. At that point, I was also strong enough to switch back to my 1 handed topspin backhand. Before that, I used my crappy 2 hander which I used my first 2 years of high school.

After 9 months, I was probably a 4.5+. I stayed that way until I started playing up at OTC. I lost against almost everybody there more than I won for the first year or so. It was also tough getting used to playing on clay. After that, the tide turned in my favor against most of those guys. Now with lack of playing time and injuries, I'm middle of the pack again.

Yeah, I am a little ahead of schedule. I am lucky because in my family my grandad was a scholarship tennis player so I think I got some of that tennis gene. Only reason I am not doing matches right now that often is because I want to really have my strokes and serve developed so I can represent myself well. I was a solid Junior player and I want to get that back.

The first 3 months were brutal when it came to fitness, but I had been running and working out for years and the BF% was pretty I just had to get my body used to the beating. I would come home many nights and just shower, wake up and hobble to my It still hurts, but have survived the summer and did marathon 3-4 hour sessions of just rallying to really push myself. I like rallying for getting back in shape because matches do not tire me out as much as extended rallying.

Spinz..Carlos is $40 an hour at OTC. He is cool as hell. You should check into it.
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