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Default Tennis Academy Stobreč, Croatia

I spent one month in the most famous tennis camp in Croatia. It's located in Stobreč, just 5 km from Split. Here is my review.
I arrived in Stobreč on 10 July. My first training was scheduled for the next day. I sprained my ankle during the first practise session, but, luckily, there is a really great doctor who works for them.
So, I spent 10 days in the apartment but people at the academy offered to give me an extra week, which I accepted so I had 3 full weeks of practise.
On a normal day you have 1,5 hours of individual training and 1,5 hour of academy training. You also have 1,5 hours of physical training 3 times a week.
After the first two weeks I wasn't very pleased with the development of my game so I payed some extra money in order to get a better coach. Then, after just several days of practise with him, I noticed that my game and movement have really got better. I promised to grade the academy from 1 to 10 so my grades are the following:

Nothing to complain about. Nice, small, safe town, 5 km from Split with beautiful beaches. Amazing.

There is no accomodation in the academy but you can find nice and cheap apartments 500 meters from the academy (the academy staff can find something for you as well)

Mainly outdoor clay courts and 2 indoor clay courts. There are also 2 hard-courts but they're usually empty. Courts are fine although due to hot weather sometimes they lack clay. Also there are no carpet nor grass courts.

Price is fine. From 1200 euros for beginners who don't need best coaches to 2000 euros for competitiors (monthly price, residence not included).
You can find great apartments for 20-50 euros per day.
However, those who want to practise with world-class coach, Dejan Vuleta (former coach of Goran Ivanišević, Mario Ančić, Roko Karanušić, Mirjana Lučić, Jelena Kostanić, Jelena Pandžić,... plus right now he is working with one of the best players in Croatia (14 years old)) will have to pay few thousands of euros more.

There are 2 or 3 really great coaches, however, if you don't pay highest prices, you can't expect a high-class coach.

I'm satisfied with his work, however he is prone to forcing you a lot so it's extremely tough if you aren't very fit. I experienced it myself.

Generally the worst part of my stay. There are not enough players on each level so you will probably play many low-quality matches.

Acceptable behavior. If you ask for something bluntly and directly, you will most likely succeed, however, you need to be aware that if you never complain, you can easily end up in a quite weak group.

GYM: 10
There aren't many things in the gym, however everything necessary for a decent physical training can be found there.

You won't meet top professional players there but it's still a very nice experience.


RECOMMENDED: YES if you are a beginner or have enough money to pay for more expansive coaches.

To sum up, if you are looking for a nice tennis holiday or simply want to improve your game and enjoy the Adriatic Sea, you should definitely give Stobreč a go. Most likely you won't regret your choice if you decide to come.

Have a nice time in Stobreč!
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