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Yeah, I am a little ahead of schedule. I am lucky because in my family my grandad was a scholarship tennis player so I think I got some of that tennis gene. Only reason I am not doing matches right now that often is because I want to really have my strokes and serve developed so I can represent myself well. I was a solid Junior player and I want to get that back.

The first 3 months were brutal when it came to fitness, but I had been running and working out for years and the BF% was pretty I just had to get my body used to the beating. I would come home many nights and just shower, wake up and hobble to my It still hurts, but have survived the summer and did marathon 3-4 hour sessions of just rallying to really push myself. I like rallying for getting back in shape because matches do not tire me out as much as extended rallying.

Spinz..Carlos is $40 an hour at OTC. He is cool as hell. You should check into it.
Thx for info. What is his playing background?
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