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I've lately been obsessed again with tennis racquets and more specifically Agassi's racquets as well as their legacy. I did some more digging and found this thread:

I also looked up pictures of Agassi's last run to the US Open finals and it appears he last used the Flexpoint Radical, but upon closer inspection of pictures as well as what has been hinted towards, talked about and possibly confirmed in the above thread that Andre may have well been using a custom head racquet all these years based off of the original Radical Trisys 260. I understand it makes sense for head to paint jobs on the racquets of their pros as it helps sell the new technology consumer racquets that they spend money to R&D. I guess what I don't like is the deception involved in going as far as painting in "fake" Liquidmetal Ridges or in the case of the Flexpoint, fake indentations and holes. If the manufacturer's are basing their product sales on what people see their pro are using, one would think that at a glance or from a far that you really can't see the details so much. So I wonder that wouldn't it be more honest to simply paint their pros' older racquets with the new paint scheme of the new models without the need to fake the physical and letter details? The could've just painted the Trisys 260as a Liquidmetal or Flexpoint, have the word "Radical" in the same font as the consumer models without the need to paint in fake ridges and holes. Wilson seems to have had no trouble getting away with painting Federer's custom Pro Staffs like their NCodes or KFactors without the need for fake features (as far as I've seen anyway), so why couldn't Head do the same? Just seems shifty to me and while finding this out doesn't deter me from wanting to try their new technolgy out from time to time and also it doesn't matter now since Agassi is retired, I just wish racquet companies didn't have to resort to painting in fake features on their Pros' racquets. You have to figure only gear geeks like many of us here would care and that most consumers wouldn't really be able to tell and they outnumber us tennis gear geeks, so to me it just seems unecessary. Anyway, I was just sort of venting there...

For the record, I do own a Radical Trisys 260 and do love the classic feel it has. I also own a Ti Radical and that I haven't used that much just simply because I got it on a super good deal around 6 years ago and haven't played very much since. I have used the Ti Radical enough to know that I like it very much too. But I'm roughly a 3.0 level player, so maybe I'm not good enough to know the subtleties. I am on a quest to own as many different Radicals as I can and if I find good deals on the other ones then I will try to get them.

So with all that said, I guess Andre didn't tinker as much as many have thought in here in this thread. I mean we all know he went from a Prince Graphite OS to a Donnay Pro One (Limited Edition), tried a widebody Donnay briefly, back to the Pro One and then to the Head Radical line. He may have had subtle changes to his custom Radicals, but his racquets probably haven't changed much if at all since the first Radical like many have said in the above thread I linked to.
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