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Originally Posted by ace0001a View Post
In the spring of 1990, I watched on TV Agassi play an exhibition tournment called the AT&T Challenge in Atlanta that was played on green clay. He was using this prototype widebody racquet (which some were saying was codenamed the "ghost") that was all black. I remember he kicked butt at the tournament and was hitting the crap out of the tennis balls. After the matches, I remember him saying how he was liking the development of the racquet and how it was adding more power to his game. The AT&T Challenge at the time was considered one of many warm-up tournaments for the French Open since it was being played on clay, albeit green clay. Later that spring I remember watching Agassi playing his first round match of the French Open with that racquet. Apparently he was having a hard time controlling the ball and he broke one or two of them in frustration.
I remember seeing that tournament. I think he beat Jaime Yzaga in the final.

I could have sworn at the time that the widebody in question was the Prince CTS Thunderstick. It totally looks like it. 32mm at the top tapering to the throat.

Back in 1990 Tennis Magazine did a sort of "musical chairs" type or article about Agassi and his transition from Prince to Donnay. They had four or five pictures showing exactly what you described......going from the Prince POG to the blue and yellow Donnay Pro 1, to the blacked out POG with the Donnay stencil, etc.

It was my first real example of the practice of the paintjob.
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