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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I just talked to a tennis pro that knows a ton about Agassi. He said that Agassi used the Donnay Pro One limited even when he switched to Head. Obviously can not be proven, but he said he retired with it painted like a Radical.
Ok, didn't want to keep this specific point going...but yeah I have read that too and I honestly would find that hard to believe. You could speculate that perhaps the people at Head somehow got a hold of the molds to the Pro One and basically continued to supply their client what he needed, but again I would find it hard to believe. For one thing, the Pro One OS has an open string pattern of 16/19 and the Radicals (if you look at the pictures of the various ones he used), they all have at least the 18/19 just like the consumer Radicals. If you look at the pictures of the supposed Flexpoint model he is holding in his hands, it does not look like a Pro One but does look like a Radical Trisys 260 painted to look like a Flexpoint. In my opinion, I'd say the most plausible conclusion is that Andre used a custom Radical based off of the original Trisys 260 all these years and simply had it painted to match whatever Radical model that was out each year.
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