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Originally Posted by bad_call View Post
har-tru dry tonite? good u managed thru the rain.

All the heavy rain stayed right at I-4 and to the east. OTC just got some light rain. I fell on my butt in the first game near a muddy patch of clay next to the side fence. There was another area on the other side of the court that I almost pulled my hamstring on about 3 separate occasions sliding for the ball. The balls were not picking up any moisture, so the top layer of the clay was dry.

I've never gone to the doctor for any tennis injury, but I may have to go see a buddy of mine who is an orthopedic surgeon. I can deal with elbow pain but now I'm getting a little concerned I may be doing long term damage. The other thing I may try is going back to all synthetic gut for a little while.

Power Player, where was your arm pain when you were having problems with some of the stiffer polys? I injured my elbow using all synthetic gut last year, but maybe using BA all year has finally caught up to my elbow.
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