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I'm with you guys. I much prefer hard and grass courts to clay. To reiterate my argument in other threads, clay court tennis is tough and I enjoy watching it. But I'm tired of hearing this, "clay courters are court magicians, masters of spin and's a war of attrition....all about mental toughness and endurance...." blah, blah, blah. The proof is in the Grand Slam pudding. For the most part, French Open winners in the last 30 years are one trick ponies. When you look at the last 30 US Open Champs, only Orantes in "75 (maybe '74) and Safin haven't won at least one of the other slams (Roddick is too young to include, likely as is Safin). Of the last 30 Wimby Champs, only Goran, Krajicek, Stich and Cash didn't win one of the other slams. Cash and Kraj were famously hobbled by injuries, Stich made it to a French and US Open final and Goran is without a doubt one of the biggest underachievers of all-time (God love him, I sure do!!). How about the French? Sure, Agassi completed his Grand Slam. Lendl, Wilander, Borg and Courier fared well. How about the other champs of the past 30 years? Could they collect any other Slam titles? Ferrero is too young to include. Costa?...not a chance. Kuerten?....probably on the downside of a fine career. Muster? dice. Bruguera?...
Gomez? Double Chang?...fat chance. Noah?...his only miracle. Moya and Kafelnikov won their second slam in the land of the misfit Slam (sorry Aussies but it's true-ie., Korda, Johannson). Can you tell I'm not a clay court fan?
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