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Rabbit, I saw the show. What's the saying: "I wanted to turn away, but I just couldn't stop watching!" The real Vinnie as seen on that program is such a far cry from the lunchpail pro he is on the court. Yes, the guy, at 30 years of age, seems obsessed with rap music. His "stage" persona is called Off White, when he raps. He hobnobs with Jon Lovitz in LA (aren't we just the coolest?!) He brags about how much he loves the Cheesecake Factory, dog (no way, they make a chicken breast sandwich with a tasty spread with some spicy kick to it! - unheard of!!) He skat-raps with his coach at his side at the restaurant - the coach's facial expression is a priceless lemme outta here. He shops at over and done with Von Dutch, although I disagree with Rabbit on the salesgirl's interest in Vinster. I think she was interested, but he just didn't know when to kick it into a more serious, less pain in the *** level. She was cute! The worst part is him challenging strangers to 8 Mile style raps. Weird!
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