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My experience has been excellent. They didn't have the color I wanted in stock, so I ordered one with a black case. Color doesn't make it work any differently. Anyway, it has worked without a hitch from the time I got it and I've done a couple hundred frames on it. MNJJ's expereince is the first post I've seen on here since I started hanging out on this board several years ago that stated they had any problems with one of these. If you already have a crank machine, there is NO way to match the value you're going to get from upgrading to this unit. It's pretty tough to beat it even if you have to buy the crank machine and the head. There are very few electronic machines in the $1500 price range I would trust or with features equal to a Gamma or Alpha base with the Wise head on it. I understand Wise even has an adapter to allow it to be used on a Laserfibre drop weight machine.
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