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Originally Posted by kanamit View Post
Watching him commentate the Soderling-Davy match and instead of commenting on the match itself, he's complaining about GS attendees cheering for Nadal's opponents. "I bet 90% of the French Open audience had no idea what Soderling's first name was!" (JMac, you don't even know how to pronounce Soderling: it's SODERLING, not SAHHDERLING). "Can you believe that people here were chanting for Kiefer? What did Nadal ever do to them except give 110%."

Believe it or not, JMac, some people just like to support the underdog! Hard to believe, I know, considering that you're the ultimate bandwagon jumper and brown-noser who effusively praises every top 5 player when they're on court. Also, can you learn to shush during points? K thanx.
True, but I think this is a matter of there are a lot more Federer fans than Nadal fans, and the Federer fans are the type to cheer against a player like Nadal (or Murray, or Djokovic) to lose rather to hope Federer beats them himself. McEnroe likes a winner, and he can't understand why a person would ever cheer for a player's mistakes.

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