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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
This is stupid generalizing,it would be same as me saying all Nadal fans are whining excuse machines who follow tennis only because Nadal(aren't true tennis fans),don't enjoy any other players and can't enjoy a tournament if Nadal isn't playing in it.Now some Nadal fans fir type but to say in general that they are that way would be stupid.Unless Nadal/Murray are playing against some of my favourite players I never rooted against them in my entire life.

French crowd simply doesn't like Nadal(for various reasons)regardless of Federer.Even if Fed wasn't in the draw they would root against Nadal and it's within their right,they paid the ticket and can root for whomever damn they please.
I would argue that this tendency is more prevalent in some Federer fans than it is other player's fans. Why? Because Federer has a lot more fans simply because of the media hype surrounding him. Like his pal Woods there are people who only cheer for him on the basis of his fame. I'm not saying that most Federer fans are like this, or that there are not Nadal and Murray fans who don't do the same thing.

RG is one venue, and they have never cared for the Spaniard even before he won his first title. I chalk that up to his unorthodox style of play. And of course they can cheer for or against whomever they want, and Johnny Mac can say they are petty fools who can't appreciate talent for being that way.
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