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Originally Posted by Aabye View Post
Very true, and any true professional wouldn't let it bother him/her unless the crowd gets out of hand.
This is true but the weird part is why they didn't give Nadal a bit of support. I mean the guy was the 4 times champion after all and he was in real trouble. No one is saying that he would have turned it around but they chose to ignore a champion going down,which I thought was very weird and so did the guys commenting whom I guess aren't as biased as us.

Nadal knows how to handle rough crowds because he has played many DC ties. The weird part for him,and his uncle,was why he was ignored by the French crowd. Nadal didn't really need the French crowd in RG because he had few close calls in these 4 years. But in this year he had very real problems and the french chose to ignore him instead of trying to give him at least a little bit of support.

The french can do as they please but we are talking about a 4 times champion,not just any player.
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