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Does anyone know when grass was phased outfrom being the predominant surface to the nil that presently exists? late, middle, or early 70's.

Grass is a tricky surface. It is definately the most fun to play on b/c you have to have talent to play. You can't really disguise any part of your game. We've seen good baseliners and good S&V prevail on the surface. It's not as expensive to build, but a pain to maintain. With the number of public courts that had to be built in the 70's, economically, they needed to built asphalt to meet the demands.

That being said, grass should have faded from the scene, but did it really deserve to be put at 4 weeks? (I don't count New port b/c no one really plays there in the top 10. Expand to 6 wks and we may be happier.
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