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Yeah but here's the thing,when they boo you in other venues,regardless of who you are,they do it for a good reason. Djokovic got booed in USO because of his comments against Roddick. The NY'ers have forgiven him since. Players get booed elsewhere when the crowd feels like they are cheating,like taking too many timeouts,cheating on ball marks and so on.

In RG for example they boo you for checking freaking ball marks. The one surface where you can see for yourself where he ball went and the parisians seem to have a problem with that. They even booed former crowd darling justine henin when she went to check a ball mark. The thing is,in any other big venue,they crowd won't be against you unless you are playing a local player or you have done something to offend them. In Paris they decide that they don't like you and that's it. You simply cannot make amends with these people unlike with crowds elsewhere.

Here is a nice impartial article on the fickle paris crowd:
lol did u see yesterday's verdaco-isner match. isner's shot on verdasco's side was called in, but verdasco challenged and the ball was out. the us open crowd booed that. so that was interesting. i agree the parisians boo everyone who checks a ball mark. it might be a different mindset with the french just on booing in general, something ingrained with them.
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