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Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post
I'm enjoying the clisjter's story.

Alice, do you have this fila outfit. The colors are very cool.

HW, didn't you say that fila stuff is made well?

Agreed - the women's Fila outfits for this US Open have been top notch. Can't say the same for the mens outfits.... they are just okay.

Lotto outfits are still cool - even though Soderling wears them.

I also kinda like the Adidas shirts with the city photo in the curve that comes across the shirt......yeah, I know sup......

BTW- Sup - they now have a Adidas store in the Tysons mall, why no NikeTown? Please travel to the Nike HQ through the wormhole in your closet and have Nike correct this problem.

BTW- Could they make the polo logo any bigger on the back of the ball-kid outfits???? You'd think you were at a polo match.
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