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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Agreed - the women's Fila outfits for this US Open have been top notch. Can't say the same for the mens outfits.... they are just okay.

Lotto outfits are still cool - even though Soderling wears them.

I also kinda like the Adidas shirts with the city photo in the curve that comes across the shirt......yeah, I know sup......

BTW- Sup - they now have a Adidas store in the Tysons mall, why no NikeTown? Please travel to the Nike HQ through the wormhole in your closet and have Nike correct this problem.

BTW- Could they make the polo logo any bigger on the back of the ball-kid outfits???? You'd think you were at a polo match.
Niketown is on the agenda!

And shame on you for even looking at the adidas outfit!

Lotto I can understand!

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