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Hey buddy us fellow 5.5 players have to look out for each other in this world of sucky 3.5s

In all actuality I have probably regressed into the 3.0 level

Im playing dubs in Hershey tonight so hopefully my shoulder wont hurt too bad its been bothering me for some reason. I need some steroids.

Also next time im down around there we need to find a wood racquet so I can break the TT wood racquet speed record.

And yes the Fila that i have I am very impressed with. It almost tempts me to try the shoes.

And the Lotto shoes are so sweet that if I could score the clothes I would in a heartbeat because based on the supreme construction of the raptors I know the apparel is legit.

Also does Kim Clijsters give off a lesbian vibe? because for some reson I think she is kinda cute.
Touched by his Noodly Appendage

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