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Originally Posted by prestigeprolover View Post
well... i would have liked to get rid of the cramp but that blasted sup wouldn't go to sleep at night. hahahahahah!
Geesh.. what is going on here! I blame Topaz's Fed post and comment!

PPL, I don't sleep much or at all. Now I'm glad I didn't. I didn't trust you. .Like I didn't trust Moz or Dats. Both creaked like an old ship at night. You just made small balloon like pop sounds. Pop.. ssssssssss...


Sup: PPL! Wake up. .Im going to the gym. Want to go?
PPL: huh.. what.. f*ck.. what time is it?
Sup: You want to go to the gym?
PPL: huh.. what.. f*ck.. marta.. what time is it?
Sup: Go back to sleep
PPL: huh.. what.. f*ck.. marta.. masha.. what .. zzzz
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