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Steve Huff
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I have one, and have been relatively happy with it. It cuts the time to string some, and the overall stringbed is about 10% tighter. This allows you to string tighter without adding undue stress to the frame (the tightness is achieved by the constant pull, not by it pulling harder). The downsides--it is noisy, and sometimes sounds strained near the end of the pull. Also, it's at a fixed length from the racket, so if you're used to a crank that you can put right up against the frame, you'll feel like you need more string. It will only go so close to the frame, so if you've miscalculated the string length and are running short, you may be in trouble. Inherent with any constant pull machine, you don't feel you have the control over pulling the string. This is mostly noticable when grommets are try to pull through the frame on the last mains. With a crank, you can pull slowly to make sure the grommet is staying in place. With an electric, it just pulls at the set speed. If the grommet pops out, its hard to stop the pull in time to keep it from rubbing against the frame. I've had mine since November, and I've done 2-300 stringjobs so far, with no malfunctions. If it ever breaks due to a weak part, I will expect Mr. Wise to stand behind it, even after the warranty period. But, some things do just wear out. I'm hoping mine will last well over 1500 string jobs.
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