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Originally Posted by pmerk34 View Post
And she still gets to almost everything. No she's isn't elegant and gliding on the court, But the result is what matters.

I always found Steffi to be stiff and mechanical but she was fast with great footwork. Seles wasn't a great mover.

This girl Wickmayer who I saw live on Monday actually is pretty to watch.
You are right. She still chases down even well struck balls and is tough to get the ball past. Even not in her absolute best shape she is still one of the best movers out there, and her determination helps her get to more balls too. I found Graf light on her feet, but of course I am partial and enjoy her more than most probably would. I agree that she wasnt a fluid player or mover like Goolagong or Mandlikova per say though. Seles wasnt a great mover, but of course at her best didnt have to be as she was such an amazing ball striker and killer competitor.
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