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Originally Posted by grafselesfan View Post
Do you honestly believe Federer ever faced a field any year from 2004-2007 that is up to the level of the field Serena dominated in 2002-2003. Again not the current womens or mens fields (which I concede the mens is much stronger right now) but the fields of just those particular years.
the weakest field is probably 1997-2003, when Sampras picked a few slams.

And, yes, you keep droning about the same point again and again. Does'nt change anything. Fed is a great player, just like Nadal. (debates about GOAT are pointless exercises in futility)

Why don't you get it that it is nigh impossible to compare different era's -- and the fact that you don't have to, you know. Just enjoy the players of every era - is that too difficult to do ?

Basically, you and your ilk are so blinded by hate for one player (Fed) and insane fanboyism for someone in the past, you just can't sit back and enjoy the tennis of today.
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