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You did not bold my entire statement. I said has not proven he could dominate vs a very strong field. The current mens field could be considered strong to a degree I suppose. 2004, 2006, even 2007 definitely wasnt though so do not prove ability to dominate a particularly strong field, hence my statement. I did not say he has never dominated, I said he has never dominated a strong field, and if he completed this year as the defact dominant player it would be the first time he ever has. Now if Nadal somehow won the U.S Open and ended the year with 2 slams to Federer's 2, with Nadal missing 1 of the middle slams he won last year with injury, of course Federer would now not be even close to the dominant player of the year. If Federer wins the U.S Open he definitely would be though.

Serena has already proven her ability to dominate a very strong womens field in 2002-2003. Yes the current womens field is very weak (as I have said many times) but Serena has already in the past given us indication events she is playing well enough to win she would win even had the competition been very strong.

Overrall I guess you can say the field is pretty deep in men's tennis.. However, we can certainly question the top players (Yes even the top 5 in the world). Fed and Nadal need no introduction. Tough to question those two. They have manhandled the tour for years together. We can question the likes of Djoker and Murray though. Djoker hasnt seen a slam final since AO 2008. Buts he young and tremendously talented so thats on his side. Murray? Another slam gone by, another egg he has laid. Del Potro is very talented.. Maybe with the most "upside" next to Djokovic surely but its still a mystery how he will pan out. Hes an awfully big guys and his movement and stamina will always be questioned I think. He can overwhelm you, but he can also run out of gas.

These guys have some upsides to their careers because they are young. But at this point in time, they are all very questionable. At the end of the day, Its the Fed-Nadal show. Has been for years, and still looks to be the case until proven otherwise.
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