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Originally Posted by grafselesfan View Post
I think some would give him more trouble than others.

Sampras- that serve would give everyone trouble. Agassi who some couldnt the greatest returner ever couldnt handle it. Then add the great attacking game, the strong baseline play, and Federer would have a big challenge on his hands, especialy on faster courts.

Borg- plays similar to Nadal but with a much better serve and much better net game.

Agassi- backhand to backhand rallies would be a nightmare for Federer. Agassi in his mid 30s was taking sets from Federer in about half their matches. Federer would probably lead the head to head, but Agassi would still be a handful especialy on hard courts.

Connors- an agressive baseline with a very strong backhand, best returner ever along with Agassi, and was an incredibly fierce competitor. Cant see Federer having it easy given that these are many traits of players he has trouble with.
Sampras-agree on faster surfaces to some extent; would likely split them with Federer given how dominant Federer is on fast surfaces. Would own Sampras on anything slower.

Borg-agree, but would be dominated by Federer on hardcourts.

Agassi-yes he was occasionally taking sets, but you overlook all the straight set beatdowns. And come on, even Agassi said that he had no chance against Federer. To him, Federer has no weaknesses.

Connors-flat, hard hitter. Exactly the type of game Federer eats for breakfast.
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