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1. fila: don't have kim's red & black ensemble. i like pleats and camisole straps. but trying to hunt down flavia's mod, hot airline flight attendant dress, even though it lacks straps and pleats. my love for flavia knows no bounds.

2. parked myself in a primo seat at armstrong stadium yesterday from 12-8. saw paes/dlouy doubles; del potro/ferraro (jrs, two for the price of...juan?); stubbs/stosur doubles (love, love, love betanie mattek's punky roller-derby vibe, with tube socks!); gonzalez/tzonga. that last match was sick. you could practially see gonzalez's inner fire.

3. going back for day 2!

4. sup, a crowd of faceless, robotic men in uniform? really? that's as exciting as an army of clone troopers. you can have it, thanks.
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