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Originally Posted by stormholloway View Post
He struggled? I didn't see that at all. What was so hard fought about it? Nadal always fights hard, if that's what you're referring to. That's his style of play. Monfils was lucky to win the first set but Nadal ground him into dust the rest of the match. He was doing everything well last night.

Monfils is still a high quality hard court player. Saying Gonzalez is better on hard is debatable as well. Monfils has a 2-0 record over Gonzo, both matches being on hard courts.

Gonzo has the edge in fitness and experience however. I'll give him that. Either way I don't think he wants to grind with Nadal.
He is a lot more aggressive than Monfils though. If he tries to just let his forehand do the work he has a much better shot than Monfils who foolish tried to go toe-to-toe at the baseline with the #2 player in the world.
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