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Default Three options for strengthening your slice backhand

If you want to hit a topspin backhand two-handed, first learn a weak-handed topspin forehand. Then just pull it in so you can keep your dominant hand on the racquet.

If you want to learn an one-handed topspin backhand, be advised that it's a very difficult shot unless you use an extreme grip. (Martina Navratilova was #2 in the world before she learned that shot. Rod Laver "learned to control it" in his last years as an amateur -- when he was winning grand-slam titles.) And people with good slices don't use an extreme grip.

So if you want to strengthen your one-handed backhand, either learn to topspin it via a semi-western grip (all four knuckles near the top of the grip at contact), or simply learn to hit a flatter slice. A slice that rolls backwards very slowly can be a very strong shot indeed -- especially nowadays when so few players are used to receiving them.
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