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Originally Posted by teckid View Post
Incorrect, on many of the basketball and lifestyle shoes you can recreate limited edition colorways.

Example is the AM90, for almost a year they offered the same black, grays, and infrared (pink) colors in the custom pallet that were featured in the quickstrike releases that same year.
yes and no. infrared am90's (my fav pair i'm a shoe head too) are retro'ed every so often because they were one of the original colorways of a classic. that is why you see am95 retro'ed with the trademark grey and neon green every so often just as the am97 is with the old silver, maybe a different swoosh occasionally. that is different than being able to re-create a pair of finals, MLK, kobe's etc etc.

even when you can re-create a colorway there is usually one distinguishable feature. for instance; you can re-create home and away kobe IV's which were limited exclusives to HOH's and some niketowns but, you cannot recreate the gradient toe that some of those limited colorways had.

i still miss my NIKE ID breath free's...
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