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Originally Posted by Oldracquet27 View Post
I am practicing in order to get a good and reliable forehand. I understand most of the basic fundamentals. I want to focus on one style first so i can build my muscle memory on the shot faster. That is why i want to be sure i am practicing either topspin or flat separate. I want to practice some months working with my topspin and later flat. I want to make sure i know which grips, stance, contact point height, etc are recommended for each one.


Switching your stroke between topspin and flat forehand is an old school approach, that is how it was done 25 years ago.

The modern approach I would recommend if you are serious about playing the game at a higher level is to learn the traditional topspin forehand,than
learn to hit the windshield wiper forehand, you can flatten trajectory and still get topspin using the wiper,and offers better control than a traditional flat forehand stroke.

A true flat forehand stroke has become obsolete in my opinion, the windshield wiper is the dominate forehand stroke used in the modern game, allows a player to hit through the ball or loop it and both will have topspin for control.
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