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Colpo - cute she was. Maybe I misread, but when she said "You're a tennis pro?" And then there was that look as if to say "Do I have anything to do?" Maybe she was just embarassed to be on camera, but interested in Vinnie none the less.

Help me out here. I can't remember the exact term Vinnie "Vanilla Icehole" Spadea used when he was on the street. He kept going up to complete strangers and asking them if they wanted to was it "Battle Rap"? That, to me, was the biggest embarassment of the program. Well, that and how bad he was at the "rap thang".

You're right about his coach. The guy was in pain. He was probably thinking "My children are going to see this."

My name is Vince Spade----ahhh
I am a tennis play-ahhh

I think y'all get the drift.
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