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Originally Posted by pshulam View Post
You were dreaming.

The Wilson Matrix is probably 40/60 (fiberglass/graphite).
FYI Wilson came out with the "Graphite Matrix" in two versions, with and w/out PWS and the "Pro Matrix."

The Graphite Matrix was first described in "Stringer's Assistant" October 1985 as 15% Graphite / 85% Fiberglass composite. Specs - 85 sq in, about 12.5 oz, medium flex, 55-65 tension, head light balance. The original model did not have PWS, it was added later.

I also have the "Pro Matrix" that actually feels like a brick. It is a thin beamed 16/18 in 85 size that feels great in your hands, but on the court it is difficult to maneuver. Feels very stiff, but unfortunately have no specs... is this the frame of which you refer to as 40/60? Not sure if this one came out w/ PWS later or not?
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