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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Stuff like this is why I decided to use 2 racquets. The Donnay is real soft for when my arm needs a rest, and I am putting multis in it for now. The APDC is my full poly stick. You can do this with the same sticks too, but I would definitley have a full multi stick for a while.
I have 3 of the same sticks and do the same thing, except I don't have any multis right now, so I use more synguts.
Hey power play, do you want to trade or maybe can I buy a set or 2 of the maxim touch from you?
You email me thru here.
Thanks in advance.

ALSO, does anyone play on Wednesday or Thursday? Anytime on those days? I do have off next week and would love to come and experience the tennis in otown.
Email me thru here or just leave a message here for me.
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