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Karlovic has a better serve? Not in my book. Tanner was barely 6' and served routinely in the 130-140 range. I've heard commentators say that Karlovic's serve is fast, but it also has no work on it, it's just a flat bomb. Tanner's serve was all over the place with spin. Tanner's delivery was also better. His perfect toss and quick motion were perfect for disguising the location and type of serve.
I have tried to ignore this thread, but being the resident expert on Tanner, I will chime in on this serve related aspect!

Karlovic does have the better serve, but it's not an easy call. Karlovic's is simply better due to greater margin for error and thus, higher percentages. However, Tanner had MUCH MUCH better diguise, his serve was as unreadable as they come.

Also, on the subject of height, Tanner actually felt his height worked for him. Most servers of that time, and now, that achieved comparable speeds to Roscoe were 6'3 and up. Tanner purposely worked on hitting low bouncing, low angle, high speed serves, which he felt people were less used to seeing and forced them to make awkward returns.
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