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My own story: I grew up with a Jack KraMer Pro Staff and switched to a Donnay Borg Pro (should have stayed with the Kramer, or tried the Dunlop Maxply Fort). Stayed away from tennis for 26 years and then got an inexpensive Prince Triple Threat and the Wilson [K] Blade Team. This racquet was not as manueverable as I wanted, and then I fell in love...
I saw Jie Zheng* playing on TV. With a Yonex RDiS 300. I HAD to demo this racquet; I was so impressed bythe power this tiny 5'4"dynamo could get out of this racquet.
At first, i couldn't notice much difference with the Wilson KB Team. But then I started hitting at balls that were in awkward places -- and the difference became manifest immediately.
After flirting with the RDS 003 (which I bought, undemoed, because they were similar in specs and...ON SALE !! ), and briefly considering a Babolat, I have settled on the RDiS 300. It is heavy enough, yet much easier to swing than the RDS003. To alleviate arm symptoms, following the advice of the stringer at my local shop, I put NXT on it and felt the difference immediately.
I love Yonex, its quality and have the ultra-cool Yonex Beijing 2008 red and yellow bag. The only problem is, now I have too many Yonex racquets to fit in it!!!
But that's a nice problem to have...

*This is the westernized version of her name; the Chinese way is Zheng (last name) Jie. It actually sounds better that way.
Yonex RDiS 300 with NXT 16 at 50 lbs. Yonex Supergrap, of course! KSwiss Defiers.
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