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Ok here is the story in a nut shell. I am a student at the Nick Bollettieri tennis academy, in Bradenton FL. One day I was practicing and then on the court next to me I noticed Monica seles walked up. At that time I had a full sponsership with wilson. I was using the K 6.1 Anyway she started hitting and I fell there was something about the way the ball just went off her racket. Kinda like a rocket launcher. ( Yes I know this was because it was Monica Seles) Also, on a side note. I also watched Nicole Vaidisova hit with the RDS 003 and I was in love with the racket after i saw her hit. I still love seeing a pro use it even though I never did. There was something about that racket that just was amazing. Anyway I then went to an exabition and Monica noticed me and said "Hay I see you at the academy all the time" So when we were back at the academy she came and gave me some of her old rackets. (She new i was starting to like yonex) I just loved the way they hit I loved everything about it. So I decided once my wilson contract ended I would sign with yonex. And today I proudly use the RQIS 1 tour xl and use the clothes, bags, and shoes. I will admit I almost switched back to wilson a year ago but I just love yonex to much.
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