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I just got my first Yonex racquet recently and all I have to say is, "Why the heck did it take me so long to get one?!" I had been putting off trying them out for years.
I've played with Dunlop, Head, Prince, Wilson...but I picked up an RDiS 100 and I love it. Anything wrong with those other racquets? No. But, my Yonex just fits my game so much better than anything else I've ever owned.
Everyone I know and their brothers are picking up Wilson KSix's (and I've demoed them too) but, after playing with my RDiS 100 I'm glad I stuck with it. I went a little overboard this weekend , maybe because I was thrilled with how I was doing with it and went for too much, and overworked my shoulder it.
Didn't feel underpowered to me. I use an Eastern Forehand grip and sometimes lean more Semi-Western. Short balls were easily slapped cross court with enough pace. I'm coming off a KPro-Staff 88 so, supplying my own power isn't new. I may try out the RDS 001 Mid too....
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