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Originally Posted by shabby View Post
Look who's getting all defensive...

He should still be able to speak French better than he does. I mean, he couldn't even say the word 'improvise' which is practically the same.
I'm not getting defensive,I am answering some ridiculous comments that's all.
Yes,so he couldn't find this world at that moment.So from this,you conclude that he must not speak french good enough.Especially like a Swiss.Like all Swiss in your mind must speak perfect German and French and Italian.

Well in the real world,most of the Swiss can NOT speak all three for their country's languages.Wawrinka for example can't speak a word in German.
Fed's family do not speak french,and in his town they don't either.He had to learn french at the age of 15 when he moved to the french speaking part of the country to train in an academy.
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