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Originally Posted by shabby View Post
No, no, no. What is YOUR point? Federer doesn't speak French well. I've been to Basel and almost everyone i came across spoke French 100x better. Don't delude yourself.
Uhm...thats besides the point of this thread.When Roger was young not many people must've been speaking French in Basel and area around because he first learned the language when he went to the French-speaking part of the country at 14.
He might've had it at school in Basel as a second or third language but I havent heard any mention of it.
And he's got different things to do than polishing his French.As long as he gets his thoughts across in the language that is all that matters.
Not to mention he sounds incredibly adorable while doing so.

BTW-A good part of Swizerland lies between France and Germany,dosent it? Should we assume everybody in that area is fluent in both languages?
Also,there are many French- speaking fans I know and they dont think Roger's French is bad at all.
Our character is defined ,not by others but by ourselves.Peek into your conscience.It tells you everything.

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