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My first graphite racket was a handmedown from my mom, which I LOVED: R-22.

I went through a bunch of Yonex through jr high and high school...and I switched during hs to a Wilson 6.1 Classic. Good stuff... went on to college,stopped playing tennis, and then started playing tennis again after college... and switched back to Yonex and I realized how much I missed the feeling and the freaking square head!

After that.. I have played with:

RQ Ti-1500
RDS 300

and now I am waiting to demo the SFIT rackets coming out next month! I have only one RQS11 left (I have had 7-8 break on me... not because of abuse, just hitting anything from a forehand to an overhead).

I tried playing with the RQiS 1 XL Lite, and it just doesnt work with me at all...

Can't wait for next month...
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