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Originally Posted by KOtennis View Post
I have always liked Yonex because the racquet QC is second to none, and their customer service is GREAT.

My favorite is still the RD Ti-70 long, then the Ti-80 (gold and black). oh, and of course the RD-7.

Although my everyday racquet is not Yonex anymore, i still keep one in my bag and use it as my backup.

I used to use RD Ti-70 long when i played in the 5.0 league here in LA.

i cracked 2x ti-70 longs within 4 weeks. (let's just say i have much better temper now that i am 35.)

so, i went to their LA warehouse/office twice in a month, the sales guy there not only replaced my broken racquet, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. each time he gave me free strings, cap, and grip. and apologized for the racquets breaking on me.

after that, i became a loyal Yonex user and bought pretty much every "flagship/player" racquet that they ever released.
RDX500, RDS001, RQis, etc.

Just tried the RDis 100 mid, didn't like it.....
WAY too under powered, or maybe i am getting old

No, their QC isn't that impressive - try buying an 001 now. It will be 12 pts. higher in sw than it should be. They should have repainted it and used a different name. Lousy QC.
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