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For the last 2 years I've been using Yonex basically RDS001 2 months, RDS002T 1 month and the RQis1 Tour for almost a year. On March I got my hands in a Mg Prestige Pro and really like, I was feeling that my shots got more speed and hurted more that with the RQis.... but on the other hand every day it was harder to win a match..

Yesterday I went to play with a friend started with the MPP, won the first set, loose the second, the third.. in the 4th frustrated changed to the RQis.. I won the 4th and the 5th 61-61.. the change was incredible, the feel and control of the yonex is much better than the mpp and also the ball felt heavier on the other side.

Now I kneel again under Yonex Power!!
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