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My Yonex affair started wir RQ Ti 1700. I loved the feeling. After a while I felt it was too light and started experiencing with adding some weight. As it was discontinued I tried several Yonex stics but non was as manuevrable. Then I tried RQS 11 and just dropped it because it was very light. After a while I picked it up again and ended up by putting 12 grams of lead on it; 4 at 3 and 9, 4 at neck and 4 at the handle. I have 3 of them in very good shape and may consider giving away one or two. As these recently disappeared I am on the search again, I demoed RQIS 100 MP and 300 last week at NY. Looking at the specs 300 seemed to fit me better but I felt it had too much power. RQIS 100 MP was very manuevrable, has enough weight, perfect control. It is a little low on power but proper footwork can overcome this. At every change I was offered to demo different brands but it is funny thar I do not even consider to demo any other brand than Yonex.
I am trying to get into groove with my new stick and also I want to hear more on these SFIT series.
BTW, why TW does not review these new Yonex sticks ?
Yonex RDIS 300 Midplus, Babolat Natural Gut 17, 57/55
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