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Originally Posted by teocem View Post
My Yonex affair started wir RQ Ti 1700. I loved the feeling. After a while I felt it was too light and started experiencing with adding some weight. As it was discontinued I tried several Yonex stics but non was as manuevrable. Then I tried RQS 11 and just dropped it because it was very light. After a while I picked it up again and ended up by putting 12 grams of lead on it; 4 at 3 and 9, 4 at neck and 4 at the handle. I have 3 of them in very good shape and may consider giving away one or two. As these recently disappeared I am on the search again, I demoed RQIS 100 MP and 300 last week at NY. Looking at the specs 300 seemed to fit me better but I felt it had too much power. RQIS 100 MP was very manuevrable, has enough weight, perfect control. It is a little low on power but proper footwork can overcome this. At every change I was offered to demo different brands but it is funny thar I do not even consider to demo any other brand than Yonex.
I am trying to get into groove with my new stick and also I want to hear more on these SFIT series.
BTW, why TW does not review these new Yonex sticks ?
Yonex RDIS 300 Midplus, Babolat Natural Gut 17, 57/55
That's interesting; I found the RDiS 300 has just the right amount of power for me to really take a good cut at the ball and still have it fall deep near the baseline.
Tiffani responded to a question I had for her about trying the RDiS 300 on her blog, but we didn't get into the question of when the Review will be done. But the team at TW did a fantastic video review of the RDS 003.
Yonex RDiS 300 with NXT 16 at 50 lbs. Yonex Supergrap, of course! KSwiss Defiers.
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