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Originally Posted by Silore View Post
Hey Zheng, I've never strung any racquet I've ever owed below 55lbs. How does 50lbs work for you? My RDiS 100 Mid is currently at 60lbs for both mains and crosses(hybrid). Would you suggest trying it out at a lower tension? I have no problems with the current tension but am willing to experiment with lower settings (cause I'm definitely getting another one =D ).
I play an all-court style and love to rush the net so I'm not sure what kind of stability a lower tension would have when attacking the net. How much feel would I probably lose?
I know that others will have general answers to this question but I'm asking the Yonex users here. Thanks all!
Works fine for me. My main reason for stringing it with NXT at 50 lbs was because of some arm strain. Coach fixed my mechanics, so that shouldn't be a aproblem, But I've had no problems with either my groundstrokes or at the net with this tension; I can take a good cut at the ball and not send it over the fence.
I've never had my racquets strung at the higher end of the recommended tension anyway; always at the middle or below.
Yonex RDiS 300 with NXT 16 at 50 lbs. Yonex Supergrap, of course! KSwiss Defiers.
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