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Bad Call, the service tips were really appreciated. I have been working on them a lot. It's the toughest stroke to get back, but everything you said was correct and feels natural when i do it.

I went and had that apdc customized so I knew the balance and weight were done right. For $15, I now have a much better apdc that will let me string at a lower tension. The regulars at azalea I hit with said that my shots have more weight to them. I am getting a lot of depth and control now with the racquet heavier. It feels better on my arm too so far.

Mikeler, you could try playing with a heavier racquet if your arm is still giving you issues. I think the secret to full poly and a healthy arm is keeping the tension at around 55#s or less and having a high swingweight. I will probably try a stick at 54#s and if that is controllable, maybe drop to 52#.

I also like customizing the racquet because I know I can buy more sticks now and get them all exactly the same, which is great.
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