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He's playing differently..and I think its much much better than last year.
He's added a few things to his game.Its not very high risk but still effective.His got controlled aggression on his FH whereas last year he was just trying to smack winners.He's running around his BH more when it comes high to him.Hell,his BH is holding up so much better even when the hig ball come-He's taking it down the line-he's really worked on that and its holding up much better now.
He is approaching the net consistently and more importantly his second serve is so much better as is his first serve.
He's moving better,getting to balls he couldnt get to last year.He's added the drop shot as weapon which IMO has been fantastic addition to his game.I know he used it last year but this year its so much more effective.
His net approaches are not as hesitant,he's going there more confidently and with less fear of being passed.
Thus,2009 is def. better.
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